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The part of the winner of the declared vote of the Democratic Republic of the Congo rejects the intervention of the AU

The party behind the declared winner of the presidential elections of the Democratic Republic of the Congo rejected Saturday's African Union's surprise request to delay the announcement of the final results among "serious doubts" about the vote.

The unprecedented request from the continental body is "the work of some mining lobbies trying to destabilize the Democratic Republic of the Congo to perpetuate the looting of this country", the Secretary General of the Union for Democracy and Progress Party Felix Tshisekedi's social network, Jean-Marc Kabund, said in a statement.

He invited the Congolese people to mobilize and defend the sovereignty of the mineral-rich country.

The African Union has announced that it will send a high-level delegation to the Congo on Monday to help resolve the electoral crisis. The many neighbors of the Democratic Republic of the Congo are wary of the unrest that spreads across the borders of the vast Central African nation rich in key minerals for smartphones around the world.

The Constitutional Court of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is ready to decide a challenge to the electoral results by the second classified, who supports fraud. Martin Fayulu looks for a recount in the December 30 vote, stating that the electoral commission of the DRC has published very different interim results from those obtained in polling stations.

The electoral commission said that Tshisekedi won 38% of the votes and Fayulu 34%. However, leaked data published by some media, attributed to the electoral commission and representing 86% of the votes, show that Fayulu gained 59% while Tshisekedi received 19%.

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Outside the courts, Fayulu supporters said that outgoing President Joseph Kabila made an agreement with Tshisekedi after it became clear that the candidate of the ruling party did not participate in the elections. Neither side acknowledged the allegations.

The court could confirm the election results, order a new count or order a new election.

In view of the sentence, hundreds of Tshisekedi supporters were in the streets of the capital, Kinshasa, waving branches of trees and banners reading "Congo for the Congolese".

They headed for the court to force him not to recognize the UA's request.

"We are here to claim our right: we will head for the Constitutional Court and the Rwandan embassy to denounce what the African Union is plotting," Papy Losala said. The president of neighboring Rwanda, Paul Kagame, is the current president of the UA.

"The first thing, Kagame is not a model of democracy," said Losala. "We were surprised by the fact that the African Union and (the Southern African Development Community) have come to tell us that we must cancel the election."

Another Tshisekedi supporter, Valentin Tshimanga, said: "Rwandans in Rwanda, Congolese in Congo, France in France, then we warn all those who want to block the road to the UDPS victory today: we came to support our president that we all voted for ".


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