The man was injecting the sperm because his back was hurting


For a year and a half the procedure was presumably applied to treat back pain, detailed in a scientific journal.

The 33-year-old man began to feel severe pain after lifting a heavy object. To ease the pain, he bought a needle on the internet and started injecting the fluid into both the muscle and the bloodstream.

His questionable idea, which he implemented for 18 months, led to hospitalization in the hospital in Dublin, Ireland, where doctors found that three doses had been applied in his injection.

Through x-rays they identified that there was air under the skin and applied therapies to prevent infections. The Irish Medical Journal explains that it was not necessary to drain the fluid.

In general, the experts explained that it is dangerous to inject "substances not suitable for intravenous use". Nor do they explain where the idea of ​​using this "treatment" came from.

The subject was downloaded without complications.

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