The humorist played in the first clash in the East tunnel


An accident between three cars became the first traffic accident reported in the East tunnel.

Captain Jorge Rodríguez, commander of the transit section of the Metropolitan Police, reported that the accident occurred at 5:00 pm. out of Baltimore, leaving no wounded.

"They were out for Palmas and the first vehicle apparently slows down completely, and since the tunnel maintains a constant speed, the driver did not react well and, by definition, the two vehicles that arrived arrived to end up colliding", said Captain Rodriguez.

The uniform pointed out that the police and traffic agents immediately participated in the incident and that a Ye was allowed to allow the exit to Las Palmas to overcome congestion. "There has been no major impact on mobility," he added.

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One of those involved in the accident was the humorist Ricardo Quevedo, who through his social networks showed what the vehicles were like. "We opened today with more stars. I didn't come to the guide, so they don't blame me, but I think I'm the salt ", commented the comedian before stressing that the tunnel looked" very nice ".

This is the tunnel

On August 15, the passage of vehicles through the eastern tunnel was opened, a 24 km road link that includes three tunnels, viaducts and road exchanges and costs $ 1 billion.

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Within the connection the minimum speed allowed is 50 kilometers per hour (KPH) and the maximum speed is 60 KPH. You can't overtake another vehicle and you have to keep the distance to avoid possible accidents.

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