The film of the robbery experienced by Luca Toni. The former great footballer found his wife tied up. What happened to the children


Former Italian forward Luca Toni, now 43, went through a terrible scare at the end of last week, with his family the victim of an armed robbery.

The unfortunate event took place on Thursday evening, at a time when Luca Toni was gone with his two children, and his wife, mother-in-law and housekeeper were present in the villa. On his return from the city, the 2006 world champion with the Italian national team was shocked to discover that his house had been trampled on by thieves and the three women, including his life partner, model Marta Cecchetto (42), they were immobilized and with their mouths closed so that they could not react.

While the attackers made sure that the two children (a 7-year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy) were sent to another room, including Luca Toni, he suffered, was chosen with a severe blow to the head, with the gun of one of the intruders.

Finally, the robbery ended after two hours of horror, in which Luca Toni watched helplessly as the criminals stole various valuables from him, including some Rolex watches. The three armed thieves left Toni’s residence in a stolen car, an Audi A3, frightened by the neighbors who had begun to suspect.

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“We are fine and that’s the only thing that matters,” the former footballer said on Saturday, two days after the attack that will mark his life from now on. As for the attackers, they haven’t been caught yet, knowing only that they had an Eastern European accent.

Having spent his career in teams such as Fiorentina, Bayern Munich and Juventus, Luca Toni is in 4th place in the ranking of the most prolific Italian top scorers ever, with 322 goals scored.

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