The farewell is more difficult than a father


Moving from the Kerch Strait, Tanzania reported "Candy" and "Master" on ships short of movement

The farewell is more difficult than a father

After a while the explosion exploded and then the fire broke out. 14 people died in a fire on two ships. Semih Solak from the village of Balıklıçeşme in the Biga district of Çanakkale. Today the Biga district of Semih Solak, in the village of Balikliçeşme, was informed.

Sadık Solak, the father of Semih Solak who suffers from news, tells how his son got on board and said:

"We saw the news on television, my son has been on this ship for 20 days, he has been on the ship for 20 days, he dropped from Istanbul, he went to Syria.

It is probably loaded with natural gas from Russia. 2 days ago I saw live with my son on the internet. & # 39; Father installed in the open. The other company ship will arrive. We are moving to him. Then we will fill and go to Syria, "he said, and then, when I saw this incident on the news, I was suspicious of the fact that I was aware of this transfer.

I'm calling by phone. He is not answering. Now we know that he is dead. He is at the mortuary at the hospital in the Crimea. There is no information from the company at this time. We can not reach the company phones. I have a couple of friends. They wanted but could not get the information. We do not even know the name of the company. It's been 20 days. She went down to another company. He said, "Dad, I'm coming." "My son would have worked until April, what happened?" I said.

"I do not know, the helicopter put us down as a team," he said. 2 hours later he called again, "Father, I received news from another ship, they called me in. I'm going on that ship, I will not come," he said. We stayed one night in Istanbul. He returned to this company. 3-4 3-4 months of inactivity & # 39; he said. On May 11 he would go to military service. At the moment we do not know about the funeral. "

In the morning, relatives and family neighbors returned home and expressed their condolences.

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