The Ethereum developer conference praises "Buidl" against "Hodl" as a central theme at the Devcon in Prague



The entire world of Ethereum has tried to meet in the so-called Ethereum The Christmas in the annual Devcon event was held on October 30th. However, in what looks like a showdown, there was little from the public "hodl" (holding cryptographic investments), with the event being turned into a conference for brand developers. The theme change was an apparent move by the Ethereum community to bring sanity into their project and grow their brand.

Change of luck

In contrast to this year, last year's Devcon attracted a considerable rally as the digital asset bubble was still growing. There was a noticeable decline in this year's Prague event, with most of it being intimidated by Ether's low performance at this time.

However, the Ethereum Foundation executive Aya Miyaguichi has minimized the low turnout as a deliberate move by the Ethereum community to get the elites on board. The developers got discounted grants and tickets in an effort that they tried to attract Ethereum Blockchain builders instead of investors. The official Devcon 4 website also re-echoed the theme with a statement, "this is a conference for builders".

The co-founder of Validity Labs AG Sebastian Burgel expressed similar sentiments by saying:

"Last year, you could see Wall Street suits and boys everywhere, and this is the developers again."

Apparent update

However, the change in the theme of the event did not deter Ethereum's enthusiasts when Miyaguchi ruled that the participants doubled compared to last year with the figure that indicated 3,000 people at the Prague event. During the four-day event, there is talk of criticizing the apparent hurry within the Ethereum community during the initial coin-supply boom (ICO). There was also emphasis on the need to build a stronger Ethereum for the applications to be performed.

Fabian Vogelsteller, the main developer of the ERC-20 standard, was at the center of these talks and proposed a system that would return the money to investors if they did not feel satisfied with the projects. He also expressed the need to create something better and felt responsible for most of the Ethereum startups that they did not deliver.

The future

Despite the speeches of a "new" Ethereum, co-founder of the network, Vitalik Buterin has confessed to the public the ongoing development of the blockchain. In his speech during the event, Buterin presented a version of Serenity of Ethereum that was set to increase the capacity of the network. Serenity will develop for the Ethereum community in phases that will make the blockchain work with a consensus model Proof of Stake and Sharding as a model for data storage. And according to Buterin, the improvements aim to accommodate a thousand-fold increase in Ethereum transactions after the imminent update. So far, the new Ethereum model would reduce the scalability problems faced with the Ethereum blockchain.

About Devcon

Devcon is an "apparent Ethereum family reunion" with the theme of educating, empowering and networking the Ethereum community. The conference is held for builders, researchers, blockchain developers, testers, infrastructure operators and anyone who wants to create decentralized Ethereum-based applications, tools, protocols and culture for practical use.

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