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Bizarre music video sings cryptocurrency praises

[ad_2][ad_1] A Twitter user has posted a bizarre music video that urges stores to take cryptocurrencies as a legal payment. The song, called "BitPay – Black Friday Bitcoin Song", was released by the user Twitter Crypto Finally, which produces music videos on the industry. It is set to the notes …

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Santander Chairman Praises Ripple (XRP) – App powered

[ad_2][ad_1] It is becoming clear in 2019 that more banks and financial institutions are implementing blockchain or at least exploring blockchain behind-the-scenes technology. It is still rare, however, that many of these financial institutions openly praise the blockchain, and many in the cryptocurrency community believe they believe technology is more …

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American Express praises the waves for cross-border payments, calls Blockchain Technology is very promising & # 39;

[ad_2][ad_1] American Express (Amex), the multinational financial services company known among the Crypto community for their growing interest in blockchain technology, is again present with positive comments on blockchain technology and praising Ripple. During the Wings of Change Europe conference, Carlos Carriedo, director general of corporate payments at American Express, …

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