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The director of MHP gave the good news

The staff of the Turkish armed forces (TSK) and the gendarmerie, who have been contracted, are at the beginning of the demands of the sergeants and the corporations. "The Sergeant Assembly", has faced the MHP Vice President Izzet Ulvi Yönt, said in a statement to the newspaper gave the good news that Turkey awaits the contract sergeant.


Yönter said:

"I am an expert sergeant, gendarmerie, we are working sincerely to solve the problems of these heroes, we do not consider the issue politically, we do not vote for the vote, the experts are the backbone of the TSK.Our expert sergeants will achieve every goal shown. I believe it will be.


April 1 morning does not wait for a joke, is waiting for hope. On the morning of April 1, the Presidential Governmental System should have a strong future will. On the morning of April 1, Turkey Cumhur awaited for the victory of the Alliance. Together we will see, we will live. We will testify the story once again. I think that when we take into account the principles, ethics, values ​​and sincerity that the Alliance of the Republic has taken into account, the formula x + y = z will take place on the evening of March 31 and the morning of April 1st.

SOURCE: Turkish newspaper

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