The coupling of coinbase helps the stellar XLM lumens despite the collapse of cryptographic markets


Coinbase, Cryptocurrency, Stellar (XLM) –While cryptocurrency tests new lows for 2018, with the overall prospects for the market seem even more bearish in a year of already abysmal investment, Stellar XLM managed to overcome the storm thanks to a previous announcement of the exchange based in the United States Coinbase .

On November 19, following the days of crumbling-off prices that erased tens of billions from market capitalization, the industry took another plunge to $ 160 billion, with the top ten currencies up two percentage points in more than last week's bloodbath. However, Stellar XLM managed to overcome the price storm relative to the rest of the market, with prices still higher than those that were during the summer following the announcement of Coinbase.

Coinbase, which recently added Basic Attention Token (BAT) and 0x to its limited coin offering, has managed to support Stellar's price for some time, despite the market prices for Bitcoin and most of the altcoin market, including the coins previously listed or associated with the US-based exchange. While Cardan was also tied to a potential stock exchange listing, the price of the ADA coin was handled nowhere near the price resilience currently seen in XLM, and for a number of reasons.

Stellar has been closely monitored in relation to Coinbase since it was listed for the first time among the five initial currencies to be considered for addition to the exchange. Despite the most popular choices and the largest coins with market capitalization, such as XRP, considered by external analysts, Coinbase has as much to gain as the Stellar investment base in a possible listing. Dall & # 39; original ad, which included 0x, Basic Attention Token, Cardano, Stellar and Zcash, only the first two were added to the exchange.

Although Coinbase has paid attention not to provide specific details or final statements on anyone's listings, instead choosing to say that all five currencies have been taken into account and could be added to different regions, XLM still holds the betting bets to be added to the exchange. XLM represents a significant price deviation from the current currencies list, which often ranges from tens to hundreds (or in the case of BTC, thousands) of dollars per currency. Stellar's price point of $ 0.22 is psychologically tempting for a strong customer base of 13 million that has not yet gained access to large stocks max, low-priced coins (0x, the nearest currency in the price, has a valuation of $ 0.43).

In addition, XLM is the fifth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, closing the fourth largest currency of Bitcoin Cash, which is much higher than other coins yet to be added to the exchange. Stellar has also been associated with massive stories of cryptocurrency and blockchain, being used by the IBM computer giant and rumors linked to the social network platform Facebook.

Although no new details emerged on the potential addition of XLM and Coinbase, the exchange reiterated its commitment to list new currencies in a timely manner, offering customers a wider selection of coins to participate and invest in.

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