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Digital auditing helps verify the accuracy of the blockchain

Digital audit can ensure that the data recorded in the blockchain is accurate, helping food suppliers to better meet consumer demand for transparency. Transparency is important Consumers are increasingly interested in how their food is made and the culture behind a product or company. “In light of the recent food …

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The new SAP blockchain project helps eliminate counterfeit drugs

LINFA launched a blockchain-based supply chain tracking system to enable drug wholesalers to authenticate pharmaceutical packaging returned from pharmacies and hospitals. This should help them eliminate counterfeit medicines from their supply chain. SAP states that it hopes to eventually expand the use of distributed ledger technology to cover a wider …

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Bitfury helps Crypto Exchange BTCBIT Add payments Lightning Network (LN)

/ News / 2019/01 / bitfury-helps-crypto-exchange-btcbit-add-flash-network-LN-payments / The Bitfury Group, a leading company in the development of technologies for cryptocurrency and blockchain with "full service" technology in San Francisco, is working with the exchange of digital resources, BTCBIT to "bring the Lightning Network (LN) payments" to the platform trading company …

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