The Coinbase bug prevents Canadian users from withdrawing cryptocurrency funds


  bugbase cryptocurrency bug

A problem with the Coinbase systems has recently prevented Canadian users and other countries from withdrawing funds, causing frustration and worry among many customers.

The problem started around August 1 and has

A spokesman for Coinbase told CCN that a bug has been identified as a cause of the problem and that the system is once again operational.

"The problem regarding cryptocurrency mandates is now resolved: we have identified a bug that has affected in some countries and we have implemented a correction correctly.Cryptioning via the Coinbase mobile apps has not been impacted. We would like to thank our customers for their patience while we have solved this problem. "

Apparently, the withdrawals were interrupted for a few days, which was enough to cause a ruckus among customers in social media.

However, it is at least to be noted that nowhere is there an accusation of scamming all & # 39, exit despite being a common conclusion to which members of the crypto-Twitter community tend to jump.

The recent WEX catastrophe began similarly with users who have not been able to withdraw funds, which has led many to scream the scam for release as details of a shady story of embezzlement mass connections with paramilitary death squads in Ukraine have begun to manifest themselves in the public eye. It is still unclear whether the scheduled maintenance WEX claimed that the cause of the withdrawal blockage was legitimate or not, although the official Twitter account of the exchange states that maintenance is over.

Talk about the reputation of Coinbase in space was not suspected the exchange of attempts to rob users, which means that it could be one of the few institutions of cryptocurrency that has reached a size and a possession to be considered relatively reliable, no small enterprise in the wild chaos of the cryptocurrency space at the moment. Coinbase has recently added support for the British pound to satisfy UK users and is working with US regulators to provide a list of security tokens on the exchange in the future.

While they may have lost some customers in the recent technical failure, the exchange assures CCN that their site is back in action smoothly for users in Canada or other countries currently supported by Coinbase.

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