The Chinese trader sues OkCoin to block Bitcoin cash money


A user of the Chinese cryptocurrency exchange Okcoin has sued the platform for allegedly denied his free assignment of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in August 2017.

& # 39; No Deadline & # 39;

As local news magazine Legalweekly reports on August 6, the trader, known by the pseudonym Feng Bin, was not able to claim 38 BCHs ($ 26,500) when Okcoin added support for the Bitcoin fixed fork l & # 39; Last year.

When he contacted customer support and investigated what appeared to be a technical problem, the exchange refused to allocate the funds, explaining that a deadline had expired before which all customers would have requested reimbursement.

This deadline, Feng claims, never existed.

"I paid attention to the announcement of the OKcoin (BCH) exit," he told the publication.

In all announcements, there is no declaration on the deadline for receipt and withdrawal of the program.

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BCH Highs Come And Go

Okcoin is now subjected to legal pressure because of his reluctance to address the issue. According to officials, a certain period for BCH's request 0 0 came and went, while Feng claims not to have access to the request structure due to the absence of a designated function in the his account.

The original legal proceedings began at the beginning of 2018, the complaint also extended to Feng losing the ability to exchange BCH at favorable rates due to its quarantine.

The behavior of the exchange was "extraordinary", he added.

Various exchanges had had more or less initial problems during the processing of the Bitcoin Cash phenomenon.

While some operators were initially not inspired to add air-throwing support, others, such as Coinbase, added claim features only a few months after the initial release. This, the users complained at the time, has also caused an unfair disadvantage.

Coinbase also faced legal threats related to alleged insider trading activities related to Bitcoin Cash, which on the contrary could have given certain parties the power to sell at high levels.

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