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The criminals robbed Juancho De la Espriella

Active criminals during the holiday season committing their misdeeds, Thursday night they attacked the famous sincelejano accordionist Juancho De la Espriella when he was about to enter a hotel located north of Barranquilla. The fact was confirmed to EL HERALDO by Juan Carlos García, manager of the Los de Juancho …

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Money reinvented: digital assets go mainstream

Money has taken many forms over the centuries, from physical forms such as stones or shells to dematerialized bits and bytes. Money itself has no value except as a medium of exchange and unit of measurement. Bartering most likely preceded money for easily tradable items such as animal skins and …

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Bitcoin Price: Cryptocurrency is a new all-time high

Bitcoin hits a new all-time high after the rollercoaster week that saw its price drop 12.5% ​​days ago … will it finally manage to break out of the $ 20ka-coin mark? Bitcoin plummeted last week as investors took their gains in a strong sell The correction was undone this week …

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