The Chinese billionaire builds $ 300 million of cryptocurrency hubs in the United States


  cryptocurrency hub planned for Hartford Connecticut Nothing really surprises fanatics of the crypto hardcore, but the news that a Chinese billionaire is building a cryptocurrency hub in the United States has certainly raised a bit 'eyebrows. The hub will cost in the region of $ 300 million and will be built not in Shenzhen from Beijing, but in Hartford, Connecticut.

Plan to create a cryptocurrency hub that includes many things like colleges and crypto formation Structures are an interesting concept that is making people stand out and take notice.

Creation of a cryptocurrency hub in Connecticut

Chinese billionaire Bruno Wu is planning a daring cryptocurrency hub in Hartford that will see the construction of a FinTech college and other establishments that will cost the region $ 300 million, he said Business Insider this week.

The billionaire born in China plans for his company, Seven Stars Cloud (SSC), to build this unique crypto innovation hub, which is dubbed the "village of Fintech". The Chinese businessman and his infamous company announced plans in July that they will see the construction of the cryptocurrency hub that will be a place where people and companies can collaborate on many projects and topics such as robotics, initiatives related to cryptography, machine learning and much more.

The Business Insider reported that SSC is actively seeking partnerships for its cryptographic hub with neighboring universities so that it can build a fully accredited FinTech university institution that can offer official qualifications. Some of the unique courses for college include artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology

Strategic location for the cryptographic hub

One of the most interesting things to come out of this story is that Wu will build the cryptocurrency hub not in China, but in the heart of America in Hartford, Connecticut. Although it seems a strange move, Wu said it makes sense to create the Hartford hub because of its proximity to the best learning establishments in America such as Yale University, Hartford University, & # 39; University of New Haven and the University of Connecticut.

Such a daring project will need highly educated talent to succeed, and with some of the best students in America for the financial technology skills studied in Connecticut, it makes a bit more sense.

One of the main problems of many cryptographic companies is the lack of available talent with adequate skills in all sectors of the encrypted industry. The high demand for talent is an ongoing problem for the industry as recently underlined by the head of business development for cryptographic exchange, Bitstamp, who stated that "Globally, the pool of talent – people with experience in blockchain and distributed – ledger technology – it is rather limited.This is a great challenge. "

The continuing lack of skills in the cryptography industry is a problem that Bruno Wu intends to solve with his Fintech College and the innovative cryptocurrency hub. With SCC securing $ 23 million from the Changan Investment Group and an additional $ 10 million loan from the Connecticut government, it will be very interesting to see how it explores.

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