The CEO of Tron wants to attract Ethereum Devs on the platform, but with what money?


The crisis in encrypted markets has many people who feel edgy. With a 73% decline in value from the 2018 opening, the bitcoin is well on its way the largest annual loss recorded. Ethereum suffered a similar fate: from an opening price of around $ 800 at the start of 2018, it is now trading at under $ 90 at the time of printing.

This depreciation of market value had a pronounced effect on startups financed by cryptocurrency investments, causing a wave of redundancies in the blockchain industry in recent weeks. Among these, the giant blockchain ConsenSys has announced that it will cut 13 percent of its staff, following a Forbes report which estimated that almost all ConsenSys projects were make a net loss.

In this context, a founder of a company is trying to tempt developers on his platform with the promise of a salary. Justin Sun, CEO of Tron – a decentralized application platform similar to that of Ethereum – tweeted that Tron would build a fund to "save" the developers of Ethereum and EOS from the "collapse" of their platforms, provided they migrated everywhere on Tron.

A few days before, even Sun mentioned a tweet from CoinDesk on ConsenSys layoffs with the addition: "Plz leaves #Ethereum and join #TRON! We are hiring and expanding! "

In addition to the tweet there are few details on what exactly would imply the "rescue fund". The data from show that Tron suffered losses similar to Ethereum and EOS this year, with the TRX token that dropped from a high of $ 0.25 USD in January to $ 0.013 today.

As for recruitment, according to his career page, Tron is hiring a small number of employees both in the Beijing offices and in San Francisco (with 10 and 12 open positions, respectively), but this handful of new jobs does not absorb in no way the More than 150 employees who will be let go by ConsenSys, not to mention the largest job losses in the industry.

It would not be the first time that Sun had something wrong on Twitter. In October, he was strongly criticized later tweeting that Tron was working with an industry giant worth tens of billions of dollars. The company in question was Baidu, but the "partnership" extended only to applications running on Baidu's cloud computing platform, with no significant collaboration on the blockchain technology.

Many of the answers to Sun's tweets were skeptical. The official Twitter account of remove the mask, an AI-based malware detection platform running on EOS, responded:

"Thanks, but not thank you, EOS has by far the biggest developer / app network … The jump ship is exactly what brought this cryptographic market to a standstill. It's about creating applications that have real use ".

However, we know that the team behind at least one dapp, has decided to make the transition. BitGuild, a gaming platform initially developed on the Ethereum blockchain, will be migrated to the Tron network, according to CEO Jared Psigoda.

Psigoda cites Tron's ability to process multiple transactions per second (a TPS of 2000 reported compared to Ethereum's 15) as the main factor in migration. For all the talk of new hires and rescue funds, it is this difference in capacity that could turn out to be the carrot that draws new developers into the fold.

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