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The cause of accidents in Sweden is not clear

The technical investigation of the fatal accident in Sweden has been completed. All that is certain is that everyone wore a seat belt.

You can never clarify what led to the tragic accident involving six Swiss deaths in the northern town of Masugnsbyn. The result of the technical investigation of the two vehicles is now available.

As the Kiruna (S) police said, he found no errors in the vehicles that could have caused the accident. However, neither the steering nor the brakes could be examined because they were completely destroyed by the accident.

Only one thing is certain: "All the people involved in the accident were wearing seat belts," writes investigator Emma Lindberg in a statement.

Dead bodies not yet definitively identified

Lindberg says on request to Blick: "We were able to exclude some factors from the investigation, but there is the possibility that we can never determine the cause of the accident." Meanwhile, the truck driver had been interviewed again. He declares he has driven on the right side of the road.

The bodies are still in forensic medicine. Lindberg: "This is still the exact identification of the body".

In the incident last Saturday, six Swiss were killed and one Swiss wounded. His minibus collided head-on with a truck. (GF)

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