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The British who voted for Brexit in 2016 now regret

Some wanted the United Kingdom to regain its sovereignty.

The British Gary Maylin remembers perfectly why in the 2016 referendum he voted in favor of Brexit but now, like other Britons, he changed his mind and asked to stay in the European Union. They are already known as "Remainer Now".

"I wanted the United Kingdom to regain its sovereignty," says this 38-year-old, originally from Norwich, in Eastern England.

"The region in which I lived was in favor of the exit from the EU My deputy was a probremax, everything I heard went in that direction", explains the months before the consultation history, in which 52% of Britons voted in favor of Brexit.

Thus, Maylin "came to the conclusion that a whole series of problems were attributable to the EU," he says. However, today, he ensures that if another referendum were organized, "he would vote without hesitation to stay" in the European Union.

This is what happened to Christopher Oram, who in 2016, seduced by the promises of the Brexit supporters, voted for the divorce. "Later, I began to feel that we would leave the single market and the customs union, and it's shocking, because the conservative Daniel Hannan assured that no one talked about endangering our relationship with the # 39; customs union and the single market, "says this 28-year-old man.

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