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The body of a dead cadet in an attack on Bogota arrives in Ecuador

The coffin with the body of Érika Chicó, the young Ecuadorian woman who died in the terrorist attack inside the police school in Bogota, arrived in a DC3 plane by the Colombian police at about 6:00 am. Mariscal airport. Sucre, from Quito.

The remains were received at the airport by the Deputy Minister of the Interior, Andrés de la Vega; the commanding general of the police, Nelson Villegas; authorities of the Ecuadorian chancellery and relatives of the victim.

Previously, the Ecuadorian president, Lenin Moreno, personally expressed his condolences to the young woman's relatives at Quito airport, before leaving for Switzerland to attend the 49th edition of the World Economic Forum.

After his arrival, the coffin was to be transferred to the National Police High School, located in the north-west of Quito, where a burning chapel was installed to give him the last goodbye.

Chicó is one of the 21 victims of the attack, including the attacker, identified as José Aldemar Rojas Rodríguez and a member of the guerrilla of the National Liberation Army (ELN) for more than 25 years.

Also the attack on the Cadet School of General Police Francisco de Paula Santander left 68 injured, including another Ecuadorian, stable and two Panamanians.

The attacker entered the police school "violently" in a truck loaded with 80 kilos of pentolite explosives, according to the Colombian police.

On the same day, Ecuadorian Vice President Otto Sonnenholzner and Ecuadorian Interior Minister, María Paula Romo, traveled to Bogotá along with relatives of the dead cadet in the attack.

Chicó's relatives returned on Saturday on a Colombian police plane, just minutes before the arrival of the aircraft that brought the victim's remains.

Meanwhile, the nine surviving Ecuadorian cadets will continue to study in Colombia, Vice President Sonnenholzner said Friday after meeting them.

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