The authorities give Emiliano Salas the chance to be alive


The Guernsey authorities have resumed their search for the private plane where the footballer Emiliano Salas has traveled and disappeared on Monday night. The police are considering four possible scenarios in which the crew, including the player, could have survived.

The research was resumed in Alderney and on the nearby islands and rocks in the English Channel area, and has two airplanes. Officials are watching both the tides and the weather since the plane disappeared

There are four possible results on the table after the plane has disappeared from the radar. In a publication on Twitter, the Guernsey police hypothesized: "1 – They had to land elsewhere and not get in touch, 2 – They made a ditch, they were rescued from a passing boat and they did not make contact, 3 – They did a ditch and they used the lifeboat that was aboard; 4 – The plane started when it hit the water, leaving them at sea. "

The priority given by the authorities is that the crew used the lifeboat, the Guernsey police said.

Emiliano Salas had just been transferred from Nantes to Cardiff, with the transaction that brought 17 million euros to the French team. The agreement was made official on Saturday, two days before the player disappeared.

The 28-year-old has already won 12 goals in 19 league appearances and is currently behind Bayern Cavapren (14), Neymar (13) and Nicolas Pépé (13).

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