The arrest shocked those who claimed that it would be nice to kill 100 people to break the record


The officers, who congratulated his former girlfriend for suing him, said that during the interrogation, Wix talked about himself in the third person and was fascinated by the mass shootings, although he said he had no weapons.

In the messages, published by the sheriff's office, Wix wrote that he was willing to die while committing a mass shooting and I expected someone to help him.

"I want to open fire on a large crowd of people more than 3 miles away before I die and I need an observer"He wrote.

Wix, who was arrested in a supermarket parking lot at Daytona Beach Shores, He said "I would like to break a world record of deaths ever seen".

"A hundred murders would be good. I already have a position (laughing emoji with a crying face). "

"I'm not crazy, I just want to die and I want to have fun doing it"He said.


In the messages, Wix, who is accused of threatening to shoot in mass, He also stresses that saying that it is not the same as doing it.

"If you told someone, I say I want to do it and think that it's not the same to do it really hahaha".

The county of Volusia is north of the city of Orlando, where in 2016 the private guard Omar Mateen broke into a gay bar and killed 49 people who attended a Latin party, mostly Puerto Ricans.

Another 31 people died two weekends in the United States, in less than 24 hourss, shooting two white men who opened fire on neighbors who bought at a mall in El Paso (Texas) and had fun in a recreation area in Dayton (Ohio).

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