The annual meeting of the American Economic Association hosts "Blockchain and Tokenomics" on Crypto

Ongoing-Annual Meeting - for-the-AEA-will-Feature-four-presentations-on-Blockchain-e-Crypto

The annual meeting in progress for AEA will feature four presentations on Blockchain and Crypto

The American Economic Association holds an annual meeting and is responsible for publishing the American Economic Review, making them an important force in the US economy and around the world. In a recent announcement, the association said they would include four presentations entirely dedicated to cryptocurrency, blockchain and research in the field. The session, as a whole, is called "Blockchain and Tokenomics".

The Econometrics Society will host this session, which will be chaired by Lin William Cong. Cong worked with the Chicago Booth School of Business as a finance professor. The mere fact that these topics will be discussed during the meeting of the organization is substantial, showing the main presence that technology is establishing.

Each session is based on an existing document that influences this aspect of the session. The four documents taken into consideration we are:

  • "Decentralized mining in centralized pools"
  • "Cryptocurrencies: stylized facts about a new investable instrument"
  • "A theory of Ico: diversification, agency and information asymmetry"
  • "Tokenomics: dynamic compensation for the decentralized contribution".

Cong Document, which deals with the topic of mining, is extremely crucial for the current state of the market. The fall in the price of Bitcoin has caused many interruptions for the entire sector, especially for miners.

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