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Facebook’s launch of the Libra cryptocurrency may have to take a step back as the Libra Association awaits the green light from the watchdogs of the Swiss market / Digital Information World

[ad_2][ad_1] In 2019, Facebook announced that it would launch its own cryptocurrency Libra around January 2020. However, the plan was rejected and now, the social media giant has plans to launch it in January 2021, but again, its plans they might see a little more delay. The reason for this …

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The return of sexually transmitted diseases, a violation for HIV

[ad_1] Tahiti, November 18, 2020 – Proof of a “Behavior relaxation”, the rise in sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is supporting the Agir contre le SIDA association in its outreach efforts in the field. Starting with the Patchwork of Names project, a gigantic “tifaifai” in homage to the victims, broadcast for …

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Blockchain in Voting System 2020 market technological discoveries after COVID -19 with the best companies – eBallot, Polyas, YesElections, Honest Ballot Association (HBA), Simply Voting, ELECTION SYSTEMS & Software, Voatz, Smartmatic, Dominion Voting Systems, The Guardian

[ad_2][ad_1] “ Blockchain in the 2020 voting system market is a comprehensive and competent report that provides a detailed review of the current industry drivers, restraints, challenges, openings, patterns and methodologies that affect the world market along with the Blockchain market estimate in the voting system and the analysis of …

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