Technical difficulty forces new excavations to save Julen – World


Cover the hole with fine ground and drill again with a slightly larger diameter. This was the solution found to circumvent an apparent calculation error in vertical tunnel drilling to save Julen, who fell 11 days ago in a water prospecting pit in Totalán, Malaga.

The miners were already preparing the tools at the top of the hill when they were told that it was still several hours before they could finally descend and start digging the horizontal tunnel to reach the little Julen.

The problem forced a new perforation, delaying the operation again. They have been dubbed "technical difficulties" in the 60-meter tunnel intubation that were detected after exceeding 40 meters of depth.

The pipes did not exceed that level and, faced with the risk of being trapped, it was decided to remove them to keep them in good condition.

Several alternatives were considered and the option chosen was to fill the hole with fine ground and drill again. Until yesterday it was not known when the miners could act.

Also yesterday, the Spanish court ordered the opening of an investigation into the circumstances of the fall of Julen.

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