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Undeniably, the positive correlation between altcoin like Litecoin, EOS and Bitcoin is dragging to nothing.

This means that when BTC decreases in value, altcoins follow the example but there is a little bit of loss amplification.

However, the results of eToro research indicate that there is a gross undervaluation of Litecoin (LTC). Could it be a signal to buy-hold?

Let's take a look at the graphs:

EOS Technical Analysis

From the news

  • Undoubtedly, Huobi is known all over the world especially after that mini-hack sometime in mid-June. As a global exchange, EOS is available for trading. The good thing is that traders or merchants can make free transactions. On the other hand, advertisers will have to pay a 0.2 percent advertising fee for exposure.
  • For the umpteenth time, traders can not withdraw their EOS from Binance. The encrypted exchange platform is citing portfolio maintenance as an excuse. But this is not a good omen for the community, since they argue that Binance is trying to manipulate the EOS market by allowing deposits only. In any case, the possible reasons could range from regular portfolio maintenance, upgrades or adding more features to portfolios or a potential trick. We can only speculate.
  • Power Ledger will participate in EOSHackton which will take place in Sydney according to EOSphere-Australia. These subtle hints at a possible transition from Ethereum to EOS?

Technical Analysis

  EOS Technical Analysis

EOS Daily Chart by Trading View

Risk-reward essay, it is difficult to liquidate EOS and synchronize with market. Well, there are reasons to sell and one of these includes that the $ 1,000 erosion of the BTC rating is over the past three days.

However, while this is tempting, we should consider our EOS business plans and exchange it. As mentioned in the previous EOS technical analysis, sellers will be responsible once they close under $ 7. Before that time, we will maintain a neutral or bullish position.

Litecoin Technical Analysis (LTC)

From the news

  • Compared to its market capitalization, Litecoin has the highest number of daily active users (DAU) and transactions volumes of every other currency. This means that money is not only popular but is also active. This could be the reason why most companies like CheapAir accept LTC as pay and are available at several POS providers like Wirex. These and many other suggestions suggest usefulness and value. Seeing this unravel, Greenspan of eToro thinks there is an underestimation in Litecoin.
  • formerly Monaco, is the latest cryptocurrency platform to support Litecoin and three other coins according to their latest tweet. Taking advantage of Litecoin, the platform stated that they were "transforming it into an intuitive and intuitive platform

Technical Analysis

  Analysis Litecoin technique (LTC)

Litecoin daily chart for Trading View

Our Litecoin trading plan is practically constant As sellers continue to devastate the price, aggressive negotiators can always reduce back shots with the first immediate objectives at $ 70, our main support line.

However, in line with the Litecoin technical analysis (LTC), risk traders can wait for the closing moves below $ 70 before loading their sales.

On the back, Litecoin's chances of quick gains are reduced to nothing but $ 90, the upper limit of this $ 20 range is our buy trigger.

All that is needed is a violation to invalidate the bear that breaks the pattern set on June 10 candle holders.

Stellar Lumens (XLM) Technical analysis

From the news

  • Collaborating with, SharesPost will add Stellar as an exchange site in their GLASS (Global Liquidity and Settlement System) initiative. Too, this would be good for the tokens available at Stellar DEX as they will be exposed in global markets and will be resolved as long as they are reported in any jurisdiction.

Technical Analysis

<img class = "wp-image-342389 size-full" src = " -Daily-Chart-Aug-2.png "alt =" Stellar Lumens (XLM) Technical Analysis [19659021] Daily chart of Stellar Lumens according to Trading View

As before, we will maintain our uptrend position and synchronize with the last two heights higher than two weeks.

It is quite easy to understand why: the last five candlesticks reject the highest peaks the volumes of candlesticks pale in comparison to the daily averages of the last two weeks.

As such, we will interpret this as a lack of sellers' conviction to tow and that by extension means that the Stellar Lumens bulls have a chance.

we did not see a follow-through yesterday.In fact, XLM's prices fluctuate within the lows of July 1

Price analysis of Tron (TRX) [19659006] From the news

  • The Tron Foundation is releasing users their first Android version of their TronWallet. With the wallet, users can easily transact in TRX, participate in token mainnet sales and even vote for super representatives directly from their mobile phones.

Technical Analysis

  Tron (TRX) Technical Analysis

Tron Daily Chart by Trading View

Technically Tron (TRX) prices are on a ledge and are about to capitulate if sellers had to push below 3.2 cents, our trigger of intra-range sales.

3.2 cents are low in July and there should be a violation today, so we recommend Tron (TRX) traders to do without every new test with 2.5 cents goals.

For recovery, our Tron technical analysis (TRX) dictates that prices must go over 4 cents, but as we can see – and if not otherwise – it is simply too steep for TRX buyers.

IOTA Technical Analysis (IOT)

  IOTA Analysis (IOT)

Daily IOTA Chart for Trading View [19659022] Sure, sellers are driving the charge, but what is encouraging for IOTA investors is that price s still have to close under 90 cents.

As highlighted in our IOTA business plans, we have to see a high volume boost below that trigger line before starting the shorts and trading with this sales impulse set by the 22nd June candelabra.

Otherwise, we remain neutral by keeping in mind that the longest IOTA price accumulates / varies the stronger the breakout.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed are those of the author and aren & # 39; investment advice. Trading any form involves risks, as well as your due diligence before making a commercial decision.

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