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Covid-19: A year after the official start of the pandemic, a Wuhan virologist: other coronaviruses with high risk of human transmission circulate in animals in Europe – Coronavirus

[ad_1] Bats in China’s southern and southwestern border regions also carry other coronaviruses that can be transmitted to humans and coronaviruses similar to the one that caused MERS and can be transmitted to humans circulating in animals in Europe and Africa, he said. said. an eminent Chinese scientist, reports The …

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List of countries in the “yellow zone”. Sweden was included and France was eliminated / People who come to Romania from these states are quarantined. What are the exceptions – Coronavirus

[ad_1] On Friday the National Committee for Emergency Situations updated the list of high epidemiological risk countries, which also included Sweden, while France was eliminated. Those coming from these countries must be quarantined for 14 days. Sweden was included in the list, while France and Bosnia and Herzegovina were eliminated. …

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