US: Trump threatens Congress to veto military budget for 2021 if no action is taken against social media – International


Donald Trump threatened to veto the military budget project for 2021 on Tuesday evening if Congress does not remove the law protecting the legal status of social networks, AFP and Washington Post cited by Agerpres report.

“Section 230, which is a gift of immunity from the United States for ‘Bigh Tech’ (…), poses a serious threat to our national security and the integrity of the elections,” the Republican billionaire tweeted. who was not re-elected on Twitter. presidential election, but refuses to admit defeat.

“Our country will never be safe if we keep it (Section 230, ed). Therefore, if Section 230, which is extremely dangerous and unfair, is not completely removed from the Military Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), I will use my veto. “, he added.

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, often considered the cornerstone of the Internet in the United States, prevents legal action related to content posted by third parties.

It allows Facebook, YouTube and many other hosting sites (and not media sites) not to be held responsible for the statements made by users and to intervene on the platforms only when they deem it necessary.

Donald Trump has been trying to eliminate or reform this law since May, when Twitter started hiding messages of his temper, mentioning how they violate his rules (apologies for violence, deceptive content, etc.).

His attacks were largely interpreted as retaliation attempts.

Since November 3, Twitter and Facebook have tagged many statements by the White House leader, who has not stopped accusing the election of being “faked” without providing evidence.

Through his allies, he has initiated dozens of lawsuits, which have largely been dismissed by the courts or abandoned.

During Congressional hearings, Republican elected officials harshly accused leaders of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (Google) of “censoring” conservative voices.

However, several studies have shown that the American right has been extremely present and effective on social networks.

Donald Trump himself uses his Twitter account to communicate with his 88.7 million followers on a daily basis.

The NDAA is the military funding law dedicated to the Defense Department’s annual budget.

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