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Over 550,000 hotels in 210 countries can be booked with XRP

[ad_2][ad_1] Photo: Travala.com / Twitter When it comes to planning holidays somewhere abroad, many of us turn to services like Booking.com or AirBnB, which allows you to book accommodation of any kind, from luxury hotels to separate rooms in apartments or beds in youth hostels, in any country in the …

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Hyatt Hotels Corporation (H) – Bitcoin & Newspaper

[ad_1] Hyatt Hotels Corporation (H): The earnings per share of the company shows a growth of 91.80% for the current year and is expected to achieve a growth in profits for the next year to 24.04%. The analyst predicted growth of ESP for the next 5 years to 14.92%. The …

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Blockchain: what it is and why hotels should interest

[ad_2][ad_1] The word "blockchain" has passed from a few years to industry conferences and press releases from technology suppliers, but few hotel operators include technology, the way it can be used, or why they should care about it. Blockchain has been heralded as the second coming in some domains – …

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