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Last update Blockchain: Blockchain Travel Initiative to offer hotels 20% less than Booking.com or AirBnb

Blockchain study 30 percent Financial leader dedicates resources
LockTrip, a company based in Europe is trying to put the hotel industry on the Blockchain that will facilitate the creation of "the first Blockchain-based travel service." The startup already offers over 100,000 hotels and 1,500 holiday homes worldwide at a discount 20% higher than other booking platforms – LockTrip is looking to add another 300,000 hotels and 900 airlines by the end of January this year.

Smart Contract travel booking service

Housing that offers zero commissions can easily be booked directly on the LockTrip beta market. For a simple booking process for users who are not familiar with Blockchain, LockTrip has created a service model that paves the way for an instant connection between the company's LOC token ERC-20 and the cards of credit. Travelers who are not familiar with Crypto can book their credit card reservations in the same way on any normal travel platform. While the exchange of digital resources will be performed automatically through an API connectivity that uses exchanges that allow the trade of LOC.
Each reservation is blocked in an intelligent contract until the checkout is completed.

According to LockTrip, booking through their marketplace offers convenience and greater security for guests than other traditional booking reservation methods, where the customer may risk not getting the particular service they have already paid.

Price Ethereum (ETH) today – ETH / USD
In addition, the Blockchain-based travel marketplace has launched its mobile application for Android and iOS-based devices. Reportedly, the start is working on the creation of a hybrid pole test Blockchain. The Blockchain LockTrip Proof-of-Stake is about to embody the best of the best digital resources Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). The company plans to create a platform that will have the ability to support Ether applications when completing multiple transactions per second.

Zero Commission

LockTrip is an enthusiastic startup that wants to improve the economy of retail travel. As per the report published by the startup, the average price for hotels on the platform is 20% lower than what the cheaper alternatives offer. According to LockTrip, the service will help users save 17% when booking hotels in Europe. Users can also save 23% of hotel reservations in the United States. The company's report also shows that in 2018 the average number of bookings on LockTrip increased 10-fold and the volume of bookings rose by 152% in the fourth quarter of last year. During the aforementioned period there was no more than € 40,000 of LOC purchased from grants for utility purposes.

Competitive accommodation prices The goal

Finally, LockTrip promises that it will continue in its ambition to develop its market by seeking and collaborating with partners that offer competitive prices for housing. The startup is looking for ways to increase the size of its market by four times at most. The company recently revealed that it will integrate another 300,000 hotels at lower prices.

LockTrip insists that it is working on a global air transport service, which will have the capacity to support 900 airlines. The start-up will eventually offer users a 0% commission for the new service, a move that will ensure that prices are cheaper than those offered by competitors. It is scheduled for launch in mid-January of this year.

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