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After spending a year with “discomfort” in one of his eyes, a 60-year-old man decided to go to the hospital to see what was wrong with him.

What the doctors found was totally unexpected and very impressive: 20 live worms were lodged in the human organ.

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What is known?

The incident took place in the city of Suzhou, China.

According to some local media, the man came to Suzhou Municipal Hospital for help with an irritation in one of his eyes.

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He said he had felt something sticking to his organ for a year, but he didn’t pay attention to it until now when the discomfort got worse.

Doctors examined him and found that his eye was infected, so they had to undergo surgery.

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During the surgery, The man had 20 thelazia callipaeda, a white worm-shaped parasite.

Upon learning that the patient enjoyed outdoor sports, doctors said that perhaps he was bitten a year ago, during one of his days of exercise, by an insect that had parasitic larvae.

A video of the surgery was made and local media got access to it.

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(Can you read us from the app? Watch the worm extraction video here).

The parasite

“The Daily Mail”, a British medium that echoed the situation, explained that telazia callipaeda is the cause of telaziasis, an eye infection.

This infection mainly occurs in dogs and cats. The percentage of cases in humans is lower, and they enter the body from infected flies“The media said.

It has also been reported that these types of eye infections “can cause pain, swelling, watery eyes, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, itching, and even blindness“.

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