Star lights (XLM currency) may record the greatest gains in the bull run of the next cryptocurrency

Star lights (XLM currency) may record the greatest gains in the bull run of the next cryptocurrency

Stellar Bull Run could be Next

Ripple he had a couple of spectacular weeks. Although the end of the seven-day series may have seen a slight decline in overall earnings made by the cryptocurrency, XRP still has an astonishing 93% at the time of writing this.

This should be relatively unimpressive, considering the news bombing last week that Ripple's xRapid platform would be distributed to participating banks within a couple of months. What followed the announcement was an incredible round of bulls that had the currency – at some point – up to six months maximums of about $ 0.70 per coin.

But the community always waits for the next big race. The price of Ripple seems to have largely stagnated since the main boom at the beginning of this week, hovered at about 52 cents per unit at the time of writing. Other cryptocurrencies that could be linked to the price of XRP are the new target of mass speculation as consumers and investors in the growing cryptic markets try to recover some of their losses during this important winter crypt.

The main currency that attracts the interest of speculating analysts in the encrypted space is XLM, or Stellar. Stellar is a company that intends to do something largely similar to what Ripple wants to do; they are working to create a scalable accounting system to maximize transaction efficiency among the largest banks in the traditional financial arena.

Analysts are pointing to the long-standing trend that XLM typically follows very close to its competitor in terms of price, as evidence of the likelihood of such a bull run in the coming weeks.

The stellar advantage

According to some analysts and experts inside the crypto space, Stellar has a clear advantage in marketability compared to Ripple. While Ripple is specifically designed to work with traditional banks in the traditional financial sector, experts say Stellar is particularly suited for working with Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and Decentralized Applications (DApps). This dual functionality is one of the main components of the Stellar appeal and could be precisely what enables the currency to emerge.

Stellar has also aggressively tried to position himself in the spotlight next to Ethereum. Both platforms could be an important advantage for the process of creating DApp and ICO, although Stellar boasts an impressive list of unique benefits, including low transaction costs, premedital decentralized exchanges and atomic transaction capabilities.

While Stellar is clearly still a long road that takes the place of Ethereum as the favorite among blockchain and cryptocurrency developers, the great appeal of technology is certainly a factor that could push XLM to new levels.

Stellar and regulation

For all cryptocurrencies, regulation is an important concern. Stellar appears to have a relatively narrow blockage of regulatory efforts by the governing bodies within its jurisdiction. While Ripple was forced to reject numerous attempts by mad investors who had lost money by investing in their token, the Stellar Foundation kept its nose relatively clean – and out of the courtroom.

Although this does not necessarily mean that the currency does not have to worry about regulatory actions in the coming months and years, the lack of a clear crime by litigants is a positive sign for the future of the currency under a legal light.

Upcoming updates

Stellar's team is also known to have posted updates on their platform relatively frequently. In this last quarter of 2018, the Stellar Foundation's development team released information on at least three major updates to add to the long list of features on the network.

Firstly, Stellar developers are working to reach other cryptos on the market with the implementation of the status channels. Under a status channel, users are able to execute their transactions without having to do them on the real star blockchain. This is typically used when payments that are settled are not traditional forms of transactions.

Perhaps more exciting for blockchain-oriented technology professionals, Stellar he is also planning to implement a beta version of his new lightning network. The Lightning network is a distributed accounting solution that enables much faster and more efficient transactions at higher volumes. In theory, the lightning network could easily make stellar blockchain much more efficient than it already is.

Interestingly, the new updates will also present the live, non-beta version of the Stellar Lightning Network. This is relatively surprising, considering that many cryptocurrency updates spend months or even years in their testing phase before hitting the real network. But Stellar is working hard on their development process and the team has promised a live stream Stellar Lightning Network by December 1stst of 2018.

Bull run forward?

With everything coming out of the Stellar team, it should come as no surprise that some analysts expect a massive bull run before the end of this year. If XLM really intends to continue to closely monitor XRP, it is only a matter of time.

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