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107 meters deep is the well in Spain, where a guy (2) should have fallen. The recovery continues to be difficult.

Julen (2) in the well: the tunnel must be drilled again

For more than a week, it's the baby Julen in one Deep well 107 meters in Spain lost. Despite the lesser chances of survival, the Spanish forces continue desperately to make their way to the trapped child Julen. But there is new problems,

As reported by the Spanish newspaper "El País", the vertical already completed Tunnel again pierced to be. Workers then encountered bumps that made it impossible to cover the tunnel deeper than 40 meters.

Furthermore, the Spanish judiciary has now become part of it. Spanish television reported that the local judicial authorities in Malaga have opened investigations to clarify the circumstances of the incident

The current plan to reach the child on Wednesday, meanwhile, is unlikely to be sustainableAccording to El País, technicians do not want to reassess the time – nor how long the second well could last, nor about when the miners can go down to dig the last stretch towards Julen.

The child crashed well – the most important thing in short:

  • A two year old boy has fallen into a 107 meter deep well in Spain
  • Rescuers desperately search for the child
  • He had disappeared during a family trip
  • The helpers have already found the boy's hair in the duct
  • The specialists worked on a rescue tunnel
  • When tunneling, you always return to problems
  • Rescuers must descend the well
  • When the recovery of Julen can take place is not clear
  • The investigations have been initiated
  • Parents have already lost a child

It is the tenth day after the boy's last sign of life. However, many experts did not give up hope on Tuesday, that the baby can be saved alive, Go ahead "in record time" and you need only one more "last effort to get Julen out"Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska told reporters on Tuesday.

The delegate of the central government in Andalusia, Alfonso Rodríguez Gómez de Celis, underlined one comparable emergency had never existed "worldwide", He hopes in "a happy ending".

About 300 helpers work day and night to penetrate into Julen. According to Ángel García Vidal, the emergency services spokesperson, a total of 40,000 tons of material had already been removed during drilling. "Under normal circumstances, such an action would take months," he stressed.

The last piece of Julen must be dug with the picks

If the vertical tunnel is drilled again and secured with metal pipes, the rescue forces only separate four meters from the two-year-old child. At the bottom of the tree, they want to start building a connection with the place where the child is supposed to have a depth of 70-80 meters.

The miners, who had been specially sent from the northern region of Asturian coal, had to dig the last piece, the horizontal tunnel, with muscle energy. The helpers must come with his hands. Jackhammer and pickaxes workto recover it. These are expert miners who are dropped into a metal basket.

How much time they will need for this is not clear. Experts feared him it takes another 20-24 hours it could be to fight through the rock.

The helpers must work crawling

Because of the limited space, according to the authorities, only two workers at a time are lowered into the parallel tree, which is 80 meters deep, using a special capsule attached to a crane.

The mixture will be only 1.00 meters wide and 1.20 meters high, so the "miners" will have to lie at most lying down or on their knees.

Previously, however, the walls of the vertical escape hole still had to be fixed and stabilized with metal pipes, prevent landslides and ensure workers' safetyHowever, rescuers have encountered new problems on Tuesday.

It was necessary to drill the vertical shaft at its initially widest part, a Spanish journalist said on the spot. How long it would take was not predictable.

Rescue tunnel completed

As reported by the newspaper El País and other Spanish media, citing Totalán's forces, the 60-meter-deep vertical tunnel was completed in the late evening on Monday.

Experienced miners should do it in one specially constructed metal basket be lowered Task forces expect they will need four hours.

The attempt to reach the child is still ongoing extremely difficult: The hole has one Diameter of only 25 to 30 centimeters and should be 107 meters be deep It is believed that Julen has a depth of 70-80 meters. The drilling of access by partially rocky terrain took much longer than initially assumed.

Presumably, on Tuesday afternoon, workers should be able to penetrate him. More than a week ago, the two-year-old son of two twenty-nine years crashed into the well of Totalán near the Andalusian coastal city of Malaga. Hundreds of rescuers have since conducted a "titanic struggle" marked by jokes, wrote the newspaper "Diario Sur".

Bohrer had met granite

The recovery work had already been difficult in the previous days. In the night to Sunday was the Drill pushed on the rocksSo, until late Sunday evening, only 45 out of a total of 60 meters were made, said the spokesman of the aides, Ángel García Vidal, in Totalán with. The tree runs perpendicular to the tree in which the two year old child is suspected.

to the January 13th should the two-year-old Julen a Family excursion it crashed into the well in the municipality of Totalán in the province of Málaga. An aunt wants to have seen from a distance, while the child suddenly disappears into the ground.

Experts: it is not excluded that Julen is still alive

There are no signs of life from Julen; However, experts still ensure that it is not excluded that the child is still alive. But with every passing minute, hopes diminish.

On Friday, a rescue team spokesman said they wanted to find the boy "before Monday". But nothing will come out of it. The road engineer claimed that the complicated nature of the terrain at the Disaster site in Totalán, in the province of Málaga, continues to present to the aides new challenges that "further delay work".

The drilling machine had to be disassembled

Also al drill, which is digging the tunnel, initially there were problems. Even before the device could start functioning, it had to be divided into two parts. No easy task with a weight of about 75 tons, as reported by the newspaper "El País", citing the rescue teams.

Found sweets

The delegate delegate of the central government in Andalusia, María Gámez, assured us days ago: "We will not rest a minute until the child is found".

When shooting a camera, the shaft shaft at a depth of almost 75 meters was one Bag of uncovered sweets Julen had with her. However, the loose earth prevented further invasion with the camera.

Furthermore, there is the risk that the Well, collapseif he gets shaken by the tunnel work, they say. The terrain consists partly of slate and hard rock and is also very unstable.

Problems with the horizontal tunnel

The spokesperson for the Association of Mining Engineers of Malaga, Juan López Escobar, had declared a few days ago at the Europa Press news agency that serious problems had arisen in the construction of the horizontal tunnel, so that the hopes were again positioned on the shaft parallel to the shaft of the well is dug

the Despite the setbacks, parents continued to believe in the safety of their child, The loss of the child would not be the first serious fatal blow for the two. The elder brother of the missing child died suddenly of heart failure in 2017 at the age of three.

Policemen, firemen and civil defense officials are involved in the search for little Julen. A robot is also used. A Swedish rescue group helps with one radarat one cavity track down where the boy could be.

Hair found in the well

The days ago they were in the well Found "biological remains" the newspaper El País wrote, citing police reports. It is about haira local politician told the Spanish media.

It is assumed that they come from the missing child, laboratory tests must bring certainty.

So far, according to a police spokesperson, rescuers still have no definitive evidence that the two-year-old has actually fallen into the well. The family has indicated, I heard Julen's cry in the bay.

Parents complained about lack of support

Julen's father thanked the emergency services a few days after the child's disappearance. Numerous rescuers, in particular firefighters, are constantly on duty to find the child in the well 25 cm wide, said Josel Roselló in front of the journalists. He also thanked the psychologists who take care of relatives.

The market vendor of the unemployed seemed to be halfway there – after scolding the authorities the day before, crying, not enough money for the Saving the little Julen to provide. He and his wife Victoria were "devastated," his father said. But they did not give up hope that Julen would be saved in life.

A Google Maps map shows where Totalán is located in Spain.

Father: I heard him cry

Also, based on the information provided by parents to close other options – like the one he had climbed and lost – for the time being.

"I jumped on the opening and he was not there anymore … I heard crying, but soon I did not hear it anymore," said the boy's father.

Bay only about 25 to 30 inches wide

The boy is said to have fallen into the open hole while playing with other children. An aunt had seen the fall from a distance and asked loudly for help, reported the newspaper "La Vanguardia" and other media.

A spokesperson for the Guardia Civil police explained why the research is so difficult: the shaft of the well has only one Diameter of about 25 centimetersOn Monday, with a robotic camera, they had penetrated a depth of about 70 meters.

The tree, which was excavated only a few weeks ago in the search for water, was a total of 107 meters deep, he said. It is approximately the same height as a 30-story building.

Force digging tunnel for rescue

also Cold and wet initially complicated the search near the 352 meter high hill Cerro de la Corona about 15 kilometers northeast of the coastal city of Málaga, said María Gámez of the Spanish Ministry of the Interior.

Parents have already lost a child

The Spaniards hope the child will survive longer thanks to a bubble, "With every passing minute, the hopes are shrinking," commented the newspaper "ABC" days earlier. (Dpa / moi)

• Here you will find the live ticker of the Spanish newspaper "El Pais".

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