Solar energy has powered the state of South Australia 100%


According to available data, solar energy was discovered by chance in 1839. It was then that a French physicist realized that the exposure to light of platinum or silver electrodes gave rise to the photovoltaic effect. Thus, this serendipity led to the use of one of the most important sources of sustainable energy known to date.

For the first time in a state of this size, South Australia was powered 100% by the sun’s energy.

Solar panels on domestic roofs

Fully powered solar energy in South Australia

More and more people are expected to opt for cleaner and more environmentally friendly energies. One of these energies, and very old, is solar energy, which uses the sun's energy to generate useful energy. Over the years, solar energy has gathered many supporters and, in modern homes, it is almost unthinkable not to mount panels, to retain and use sunlight.

In this sense, for the first time in a state of this size, South Australia has seen 100% of its energy needs met with solar energy. Of these, 77% came from solar systems installed in citizens' homes managed by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).

In the premiere that took place this month, the state managed to stay from 12pm to 1pm local to sustain itself through solar energy alone. So it represents a clear global point of reference.

South Australia is in favor of being powered solely by the energy of the sun

Despite having more and more fans, solar power is particularly popular in South Australia due to the abundance of sunlight that is presented to Australians in that state. Hence, it is obvious that citizens want to join this clean and, for them, profitable energy.

In fact, this year alone, panels have been installed in approximately 2,500 homes, for a total of 228,000 equipped roofs. So all together, they were able to deliver 992 megawatts during the hour that solar power powered the entire state of South Australia. In this case, the solar plants contributed 313 megawatts.

Never before has a jurisdiction the size of South Australia been completely run by solar power, with consumer solar systems contributing 77%.

Audrey Zibelman, AEMO CEO and CEO, said.

Photovoltaic power plant

An experience to massage

So far, solar systems have only managed to meet 89% of the state's energy needs. There, home systems provided 900 megawatts.

AEMO expects another 36,000 new solar systems on roofs in the next 14 months. This means that South Australia's grid will see zero demands, as the rooftop solar systems will be able to meet 100% of the energy demand on their own. This is indeed a phenomenon in the global energy landscape.

This Zibelman.

After that, the goal is for the use of this energy to become sufficiently coherent, so that it can be implemented on a large scale, as was done at that time.

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