Sex party attendees thought police were “part of the show”


A news that Jozsef Szajer, one MEP Hungarian, he was “caught” at a gay sex party, fell like a bomb and even led to the resignation of the MP.

Now, new information has been made public, with the party organizer, David Manzheley, stating that some of the guests thought that the police in Brussels, Belgium, intervened to put an end to that act, due to the failure to respect the rules imposed in the fight against Covid-19 – “was part of the show”.

The young man also revealed, according to the Daily Mail, that some of the 30 men who were on the scene “tried to take off the agents’ pants, because they thought the raid was part of the orgy” that was taking place in an apartment on Rue. des Stones, in the center of the Belgian capital, last Friday.

Remember that Szajer he tried to escape from an outside tube when police came in to stop the party, but was caught and interrogated by the authorities.

The politician has already released a statement, quoted by the Brussels Times, confirming that he was present at the “private party”. “I’m sorry I broke the rules for rallies. It was irresponsible of me and I will accept the resulting penalties,” he wrote.

Szajer, a member of the European People’s Party Group, was elected to the European Parliament by Fidesz, far-right party of the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán, of which he was founder and vice president.

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