Samuel Paty: Hacker attacks with Islamist messages on French websites


Foreign countries After the murder of Samuel Paty

Hacking attacks with Islamist messages on dozens of French websites

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So France is now taking action against radical Islam

French teacher Samuel Paty was killed and beheaded for showing his students the cartoons of Mohammed in the classroom. French President Macron is now taking consistent action against radical Islam in the country.

After the murder of teacher Samuel Paty, French President Macron announced tighter controls on mosques. Hackers have now posted Islamist propaganda on French websites.

IIn France, hackers attacked dozens of Internet sites and covered them with Islamist propaganda. Messages such as “Victory for Muhammad, Victory for Islam and death for France” were posted on the websites of pensioner associations, companies and small municipalities on Monday. Additionally, a montage of images of French President Emmanuel Macron showing him as a pig was released.

The French contact point for victims of cyber attacks had already posted a warning on Twitter on Sunday that “a wave of cyber attacks” was targeting “many French websites”. “Several dozen websites, perhaps a hundred, are interested,” said Gérôme Billois. He spoke of a “clear political message” and recalled a wave of similar attacks that hit more than a thousand French websites after the Islamist attacks of January 2015.

The background is likely to be the dispute over Macron’s reaction to the alleged Islamic murder of history teacher Samuel Paty near Paris, who showed caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in class. Macron had announced stricter controls on mosques and other Muslim institutions.

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Macron’s statements, including holding on to the screening of caricatures, caused indignation in the Arab world. In several Muslim countries there were protests and calls for a boycott of France over the weekend, which continued at the beginning of the week. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Macron of Islamophobia and advised the president to have his “state of mind” examined.


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