Revealed: McAfee 2020 Campaign Plan uses Skycoin


John McAfee, the developer of unique antivirus software and advocate of libertarian vocal cryptocurrency, plans to use Skycoin (SKY) in its 2020 US presidential campaign, Crypto Briefing it can reveal.

Drew MacGibbon, Asia's leading event for Skycoin, said that McAfee planned to use the project's Skycoin BBS, a social media application, in its election campaign. McAfee, which will first need to get a candidacy from the Libertarian Party, will turn to a platform for more acceptance requests for cryptocurrencies.

"McAfee wants to use Skycoin's social media platform for its presidential campaign" MacGibbon said Crypto Briefing, during a Skype call. "Regardless of the result, he wants to use it to draw attention to the cryptocurrency. "

A spokesman for the McAfee 2020 team said Crypto Briefing that they would not be able to confirm or deny right now.

Described as a decentralized version of Twitter, Skycoin BBS hopes to become a viable alternative to the great social media giants. It will work on Skycoin "Peak application" the Skywire internet platform. It works like a mesh network with thousands of nodes – 9000 at the last count – all over the world that can send and receive Internet traffic.

Although Skycoin BBS will play a crucial role in the McAfee campaign to help spread its message and encourage discussion, MacGibbon explained that it has not yet been built. it "It was not a priority at the moment." However, it will be up and running before the start of the race. Presumably, this means that next year.

The Skycoin partnership from McAfee

The details are still scarce, but the decision to use Skycoin during its presidential run reflects the sudden wave of enthusiasm from McAfee to the decentralized service provider.

He met Skycoin only for the first time a month ago. He shared a stage with Skycoin co-founder "Synth" at Malta's Block Block Summit, which took place right at the end of October. They have spent more than one hour talking, according to MacGibbon. McAfee was assigned a Skyminer, used to process transactions and provide storage capacity for the network at the end of their first meeting.

Since then, the relationship has approached. A boat party and some meetings after McAfee tattooed the Skycoin logo on his back in less than a week. This has been reported by many encrypted points of sale – not ours – and has led to a 10% increase in the price of the SKY token. MacGibbon said that originally it had been proposed as a joke and they were surprised when he did it. McAfee also reported having paid it.

Later, McAfee invited the Skycoin team to celebrate Thanksgiving. Some of the Skycoin teams were actually at McAfee's when Crypto Briefing talked to MacGibbon last week.

What will the SEC say to McAfee 2020?

Skycoin was not helped when a journalist from TheNextWeb published an article that called him "scam". Although the Skycoin team quickly published a rebuttal, the damage was done. MacGibbon, whose role is centered on the public image of the project, said that it took months of public relations to mediate the effects.

Whether Skycoin BBS will be ready in time depends, judging by sounds, how fast Skycoin developers can build all the other things that take precedence. There is also concern that McAfee may face legal difficulties. The SEC said that over the weekend it would repress social media influencers who receive payments to promote token sales. The financial authorities ordered two ICO projects – Paragon and Airfox – to repay investors in November.

DJ Khaled and boxer Floyd Mayweather have already had to settle for the SEC. McAfee, who reportedly charged $ 100,000 for every promotional tweet about her now-deceased "Coin of the Day" series, said she was speechless before today.

McAfee has announced its intention to run during the summer and does not expect to win.

But if all goes well, it could raise the tone for the White House: a president who is a battered, selfish and misogynist gangster who spends most of his time firing his golf course … sorry, crypto projects .. It would be a real step up for the United States.

Disclaimer: the author is not invested in any cryptocurrency or token mentioned in this article, but holds investments in other digital resources.

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