Results of the 2020 US election minute by minute


Ballots are still being counted in several key states and election officials are expected to provide updates by Friday.

Joe Biden has a 253-vote lead over Donald Trump’s 213 in Electoral College. In addition to Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania, races in Alaska and North Carolina remain too close to project a winner.

If you’ve just arrived, here’s what you need to know about how the race is going:

All eyes on Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania, the state that could push Biden above the 270-vote threshold needed to win the presidency, could complete most of the pending counts by Friday, officials said. The former vice president chases President Trump by just over 18,000 votes in the state, having dragged more than half a million votes at one point in the hours after polling closes. Tens of thousands of votes remain to be counted, most of which come from highly democratic areas, including Philadelphia.

The race is getting tighter in Georgia: in Georgia, another state that Trump cannot afford to lose with his 16 electoral votes, Biden’s lead in mail-order voting has put him less than 500 votes from the president, on hold of the county results. from Fulton, near Atlanta, and 99% of the votes in the state were counted. Trump can’t reach 270 electoral votes without Georgia and Pennsylvania, so his chances of getting re-election will hinge on developments in those two states in the next few hours.

Trump mounts an aggressive legal strategy: the Trump team, trying to keep its path to victory alive, has launched a series of sometimes contradictory and scattered legal challenges, offering no evidence of wrongdoing, demanding that the vote count continue the states in which it is behind and which are suspended in those in which it leads.

Trump and his corrosive attempt to undermine the votes: Thursday night Trump actually sent a signal that if he ends up losing the election, he has no intention of leaving power without a fight. The president’s speech from the White House meeting room could end up being one of the most dangerous presidential comments in American history. In it, Trump falsely claimed that votes cast before and during elections, but counted after election day, are illegal votes.

Biden urges calm: The former vice president appeared on Thursday in Wilmington, Delaware, for a short speech intended to project optimism, solicit patience in the counting of votes, and ostensibly create an image of a pending presidency. “In the United States the vote is sacred. This is how the people of this nation express their will, ”he said, asking for calm and patience as the vote-counting process unfolds.

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