Republicans turn against Trump – after fraud allegations


President Donald Trump sees himself as the victim of US election fraud again – he has no proof. Trump’s statements now go too far for his party friends.

US President Donald Trump has received harsh criticism from his party members following his White House press conference. “There is no justification for tonight’s president’s statements undermining our democratic process,” Maryland Republican Governor Larry Hogan tweeted Thursday evening (local time).

“America counts the votes and we must respect the results, as we always have. No choice or person is more important than our democracy,” continued Hogan.

Governor Larry Hogan: "There is no justification for what the president said." (Source: Reuters)Governor Larry Hogan: “There is no justification for the president’s statements”. (Source: Reuters)

In an interview with PBS, he accused Trump and his camp of setting the stage for the current procedure – the interrogation of the results – with warnings about the postal vote. Hogan is the president of the National Association of Governors.

“He’s going crazy”

Earlier, at the US president’s press conference, it was a unique event: While he was still making statements about alleged election fraud, major media companies like MSNBC or USA Today were forced to shut down their broadcast. Instead of spreading Trump’s claims further without comment, the moderators classified his statements: and explained to their viewers that there would be no evidence of possible election fraud.

Senator Pat Toomey – also a Republican – tells CNN, “I am not aware of any significant levels of fraud. Nobody has warned me of anything that leads me to say that there is a huge case of fraud that is immediate must become. “

Congressman Adam Kinzinger has called for evidence for fraud allegations and presented in court. “Stop spreading misinformation exposed … He’s going crazy,” he tweeted.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chair and Trump’s confidant Lindsey Graham was in turn behind the president on US television channel Fox News – and vowed to back Trump with $ 500,000 for his anti-vote counting lawsuits.

Faced with impending defeat in the US election, Trump presented himself as the victim of fraud at a press conference in the White House. Without presenting evidence, he cited a series of alleged manipulations of Tuesday’s vote and blamed the opposing camp. Trump describes himself as the legitimate winner of the election despite the ongoing tally in a number of states.


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