Relationship of anxiety with the Coronavirus and consequences


The rise in Covid-19 cases has an exponential effect on the rise in anxiety cases, according to a recently published study.

“With the increase in Coronavirus cases, people questioned felt more anxious, were more uncomfortable and less proud, happy and relaxed. The impact on anxiety was more pronounced, “says the research.

Between April and July, a team of researchers interviewed 3,211 people, mostly from the UK and the US, and then compared their responses to coronavirus case statistics.

For every 100 new cases reported per million population, 7,200 people show signs of anxiety, according to the results of the Danish Research Institute on Happiness study.

Loneliness linked to confinement and measures of social distance had more dramatic effects on well-being during the first months of the pandemic.

The young, the most affected


These consequences seem to affect young people the most, since 32% of people between 18 and 24 said they felt very lonely, while only 16% of those over 64 reported this feeling.

The most common concern of respondents continues to be the economic crisis linked to the health situation, cited by 62%. Fear of losing a family member to the virus is less common (43%).

In October, the World Health Organization warned that the pandemic had a “devastating impact” on mental health globally.

The Danish study also indicates that media consumption plays a role in people’s wellbeing.

“People questioned who discover COVID-19 through online portals and web pages are more likely to worry than those who resort to other multimedia platforms” such as traditional newspapers, the experts pointed out.



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