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Qatar announced the last minute change

In his statement on the social media account, Dr. Seyh Temim expressed his gratitude for participating in the fourth Summit on the economic and social development of the Arab League which took place after 6 years.

In response to the summit, the crises and challenges he faces, he expressed his gratitude to the Lebanese administration and to his people, noting that it was a natural decision in the context of the importance of the common Arab study .

Qatar, Kuwait, a $ 200 million capital investment in technology to create an investment in the $ 50 million initiative claimed it would support.

He left the country shortly after the opening statements by the Lebanese president Mishel Avn.

The 4-day Arab League economic and social development summit, which lasted 6 years and was held by Qatari leaders Sheikh Sheikh Hamad Al Sani and Mauritanian president Mohammed Veled Abdulaziz, ended today.

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