Putin responds to the launch of the American missile: "We respond accordingly" | Russia


Russian President Vladimir Putin pledged Wednesday in Helsinki to respond to US "threats" after the Americans tested the first missile after the conclusion of the nuclear treaty on Sunday. countries.

According to the British Sky News station, the Pentagon has confirmed that a new version of a Tomahawk cruise missile has been tested, which has hit its target at over 499 kilometers away.

Putin believes that the launch of the new missile shows that the United States began preparing weapons long before it confirmed the abandonment of the treaty and said that Moscow "will react accordingly" to the "appearance of new threats".

"The Americans tested this missile very quickly after abandoning the treaty," said Vladimir Putin quoted by Sky News. "This gives us reason to believe that they started working to adapt this missile launched from the sea long before they started looking for excuses to abandon the treaty," he added.

Earlier this month, the Kremlin decreed the "Nuclear Forces Forces (INF) Treaty" after Washington confirmed the abandonment of the treaty that blocked the development of nuclear missiles for three decades. between the United States and Russia. A result was expected after the two nuclear powers accused each other of violations of the agreement.

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