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President Nicolás Maduro sent a message of dialogue to Donald Trump

President, Nicolás Maduro, defined a "frank dialogue" with his American colleague, Donald Trump, in an exclusive interview conducted by the journalist and excandidata al United States Congress, María Elvira Salazar.

"I know we are two people and different countries, but we are in the same hemisphere, sooner or later we will be forced to understand each other," said Maduro in an interview conducted by Salazar for the Fox network, which is broadcast in parts on channel 23 of Univision.

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Maduro wonders in the interview if it is not possible United States have "a relationship with Venezuela is Latin America that's work, cooperation and respect "and thinks that Trump he inherited "errors of previous administrations, including (Barack Obama, in foreign policy" towards the region.

"Of all these subjects we can talk about, I hope that the opportunity for a frank dialogue is given so that we can see that we are not what their relationships are saying, we are people with whom you can talk and negotiate," he said in his message to Trump.

He also invited US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, to visit Venezuela. "He's invited by now, when he wants to come, I welcome him and give him my hand," he said.

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