People want rapprochement with EU opposition politician Sandu becomes President of the Republic of Moldova – News


People want EU rapprochement – opposition politician Sandu becomes President of the Republic of Moldova – News – SRF

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  • After counting almost all the ballot ballots in the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, 48, won 56% of the votes.
  • This is what emerges from the data of the Central Electoral Commission, published on Monday evening in the capital Chisinau.
  • The incumbent Dodon, a friend of Russia, represents about 43% after an evaluation of almost 99% of the ballots. In the first lap two weeks ago, Sandu was already in the lead.

The former Soviet Republic of Moldova is divided into supporters of rapprochement with the EU and those who want to maintain close ties with Russia.

The election was therefore seen as a decision on the future direction of the republic located between Ukraine and Romania. Moldova is considered the poorest country in Europe.

A very progressive politician

A very progressive politician

Especially young people in the Republic of Moldova voted for Maia Sandu, says SRF correspondent David Nauer in Moscow. Furthermore, there would be the votes of most Moldovans working in Europe. “You know what it’s like to live in Europe. They also want him in Moldova. “Sandu studied in the United States, worked at the World Bank and is therefore rooted in the West. At the same time, he lives very modestly in Moldova.” It is welcome that he lives like everyone else. “People she wanted nothing more than a life like in Europe: “Less corruption, more prosperity and a liberal society,” Nauer said. However, Sandu does not have a majority in parliament, which should make it difficult for her to implement her policies. Also, there is. it is the difficult situation in view of the territorial conflict over the region of Transnistria split and supported by Russia, the correspondent said, where the overwhelming majority voted for the pro-Russian incumbent Igor Dodon.

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