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Pain in Cali and Bogota due to the death of 2 friends in the United States – Cali – Colombia

In the information portals and through a platform, the Colombian community of Tampa has requested support to cover the funeral costs, between the sadness and the pain of the families.

At 4:00 pm on Saturday 12 January, Natalia Morales Luna, 19, and Valentina Llanos Henao, 17, were traveling on a low-powered scooter, on a Tampa road, to the west of Garland Court and Crossing of Florida Avenue, west coast of Florida, United States.

Llanos, who drove, turned left and crashed into a van that was coming in the opposite direction, according to the Florida Highway Police (FHP, for its acronym in English).

On the right side, in front of the truck, there were signs of impact. Also on the windshield, Peter Taafee, 46, and Christopher Barnett, 33, were in the car.

The cars that crashed the Natalia Morales Luna and Valentina Llanos Henao motorcycles in the United States

Machine with which the motorcycle Valentina Llanos Henao and Natalia Morales Luna collided, in Tampa, in the United States.


Florida Highway Patrol

The two young women, wearing their helmets, were expelled on the asphalt. Llanos Henao died on the scene, says the Tampa Bay Times review.

Morales was taken to the general hospital in Tampa, where he died in the emergency room.

The Colombian community established in the Tampa Bay area has declared solidarity with the victims and their families. Going to the platform of the GoFundMe page, calls were made for donations that would cover the funeral expenses and the possible repatriation of the bodies in Colombia.

Valentina Llanos Henao

Llanos, born July 13, 2001, with roots in Bogotá and Cali, was a happy and simple young woman, according to her relatives.

Morales Luna had turned 19 on Thursday, January 10th. In his free time he worked at the Colombian bakery La Montaña. Colleagues and business customers remembered her as a cheerful and helpful person.

Natalia Morales Luna

In a message on the networks he says that "La Montaña is grateful for the collaboration of people who want to help with the funeral expenses of our colleague Natalia, who died in a motorcycle accident, and the generosity can be done at Mountain Bakery".

In the networks, a cousin of Valentina Llanos writes: Our family is devastated by his death. She was such a beautiful, intelligent and lively young woman.

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