Overview of the week of Litecoin (LTC): the activity is there but the voices that question the reason of Litecoin to exist are noisier


Litecoin peaked at $ 76.15 / 0.01068090 BTC on August 6 and since then has managed to touch the 14 th with a price of $ 51.45 / 0 , 00855082 BTC. From there the currency managed to pick up another smaller rebound that culminated on September 4 th with a price of $ 68.52 / 0.00929485 BTC. The September lows were registered on 12 th when an LTC went to $ 48.48 / 0.00774278 BTC. Since then, the price has managed to recover.

It is currently possible to purchase an LTC for $ 56.65 USD (down 2.38% in the last 24 hours) / 0.00875151 BTC (down 1.39% in the last 24 hours). With a daily trading volume of 41,195 BTC Litecoin is one of the most traded currencies on the market. Currently also holds the 7 th spot on the list of the most valuable coinmarketcap cryptocurrencies with a market capitalization of $ 3,303,527,147.

Trader trashpanda19 offered his view of Litecoin's technicians:

"Litecoin is repeating the test on the resistance line of the upper wedge. way it convincingly breaks the upper blue confined triangle, I will see my position on Litecoin again.But it is unlikely that, for the foreseeable future, I will be able to see the price go down to 38 $. "

they missed in the last two weeks. One of these was the release of Litecoin Core v0.16.2, which was announced in the official media page of the projects. This latest version has made a couple of minor improvements, including new features, various bug fixes and performance improvements, as well as updated translations. Complete instructions for installation / upgrade are available on this link.

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The project has also recently held its Summit Litecoin, the first event of this nature. The summit was held in San Francisco, from September 14 -15 and by several important speakers (including the creator of Litecoin Charlie Lee, the directors of the Litecoin Xinxi Wang Foundation and Franklyn Richards, VP of Engineering at Gemini Eric Winer, CEO of TokenPay Derek Chief and others) took the stage to talk about various questions and problems related to cryptography:

  1. Interconnectivity between digital resources
  2. Designing the future of digital currencies
  3. Adoption of payment [19659011] Bridging the gap between traders and consumers
  4. Importance of non-custodial portfolios
  5. How to protect user funds
  6. Regulation
  7. Regulation
  8. Atomic swaps
  9. Banking with blockchains
  10. L & # 39, social impact of these systems

The summit was broadcast live and videos can be found in this Reddit thread. Overall the event was organized without major hitches and was considered a success.

During the Summit, various interesting information was revealed. Gemini announced that will launch support Litecoin on October 13 th 2018. Charlie Lee went on the Bad Crypto Podcast where discussed various crypto and non-crypto related issues with Joel Comm and Travis Wright, the hosts of the program. Lee also did a couple of … interesting comments about him selling his holdings in Litecoin several months ago. Saying that he "sucked" if he did not sell his coins, he confirmed that he sold them because Litecoin was doing very well at the time. Lee claims that by selling his coins he earned enough money to be put to life; this allowed him to focus his attention completely on the development of Litecoin, rather than looking for other sources of income.

"Thank God I did what I did, any other way and I should look for another job to handle my life."

While his reasoning makes sense, the & # 39; ethics of his move is quite controversial. @ CryptoGainz1 of Twitter pretty well sums up the general feeling about these comments:

Litecoin's voices that are overrated and lacking a real reason for existence have been heard in the past, and we have noticed that they were intensifying recently. Multicoin Capital provided this currency analysis, defining Litecoin "a relic of the cryptographic ecosystem of the pre-smart contract platform" and citing several reasons why they decided to shorten it. While the summit was a great success and showed that Litecoin has strong community support, there are reasons to believe that the currency is obsolete and the issues of its longevity remain. Only the future will show whether Litecoin will succeed in turning into real silver in Bitcoin gold.

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