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Venture Capitalist: Litecoin (LTC) has no reason to exist

[ad_2][ad_1] Litecoin, it seems, is moving towards adoption, but Venture capitalist thinks it's like a multibillion dollar test and has no reason to exist. Arianna Simpson, the venture capitalist of Autonomous Partner, has skinned the development and pushed for the adoption of the acclaimed "bitcoin gold silver", Litecoin. Speaking to …

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litecoin [LTC] it has no reason to exist, says Venture Capitalist

[ad_2][ad_1] In a discussion at Consensus Invest 2018, Arianna Simpson, a venture capitalist, and Lucas Nuzzi, a crypto-researcher, talked about the bear market and Litecoin and how Charlie Lee, its founder, sold all of his Litecoin to the # 39; peak. In response to Litecoin's year-end forecast, Lucas Nuzzi, director …

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Venezuela's new cryptocurrency does not seem to exist

[ad_2][ad_1] Venezuela's new cryptocurrency does not seem to exist Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro claims that sales of petro, the alleged national cryptocurrency supported by the oil reserve launched in February, have already raised $ 3.3 billion and that the coin is used to pay imports. But a Reuters investigation found …

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