Outrageous Revelations About Prince Charles! “Leave my mother alone!”


This time it is the half-sister of princes William and Harry. Laura Lopes complained that her life had been ruined due to the relationship between Prince Charles and his mother. Additionally, Laura has been fighting fiercely with Prince William over time for the person who is guilty of breaking up their families.

Laura claimed that Prince Charles bears full responsibility for the divorce of his mother, Camilla, from Andrew Parker Bowles. In turn, William found Camilla guilty of her parents’ failure to marry.

What is certain is that Prince Charles’s relationship with Camilla and above all the fact that his lover came to light led to the dissolution of both marriages. Both marriages ended in sensational divorces. And the spicy details offered in the press around the world have not only hurt Prince William, now 38, and his brother Harry, 36, has had dire consequences. Camilla’s two children, Tom Parker Bowles, now 45, and Laura Lopes, ex Parker Bowles, 42.

Laura complained that her family was put in the spotlight due to Charles’s position as heir to the British crown, says writer Katie Nicholl in her book “Harry and William”.

“William and Laura often quarreled terribly over who was to blame their devastated families.” William blamed Camilla for the suffering she caused her mother. In turn, Laura replied: “Your father has distracted my life!”

Writer Katie Nicholl says both Laura and her brother Tom were “mercilessly mocked” at school because of their mother’s extramarital affair with the Prince of Wales.

Laura did everything she could to keep her mother away from the heir to the British crown. “When Charles called Camilla at the Parker Bowles residence in Wiltshire, Laura picked up the phone and yelled, ‘Why don’t you stop? Stop calling my mother and leave our family alone!’

The love story of Prince Charles with Camilla

“She didn’t care at all that he was the Prince of Wales, she blamed him for ruining her parents’ marriage and she wasn’t afraid to tell William in front of her.”

Growing up, William and Laura became friends. “When they stopped blaming each other for their parents and gave up discussing their painful past, Laura and William got along really well.”

Prince Charles, now 72, met Camilla, 73, in the early 1970s and was completely enchanted.

Unfortunately, she was not considered a suitable bride for him and Charles was kept away from her.


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