New York: Police dissolve illegal “Fight Club”: weapons and drugs confiscated


On Saturday, NYPD dissolved an illegal “fight club”. The Twitter account “New York Sheriff” reported it. More than 200 people took part in the “Rumble in the Bronx” event, named after a Jackie Chan movie. Violations of the law are manifold and include, among other things: violation of coronavirus emergency measures, illegal martial arts, possession of cannabis, service ban, storage of alcohol, carrying loaded weapons. Ten organizers were arrested.

“Those in attendance drank alcohol, smoked, including water pipes, wore no masks and did not adhere to social distances,” a police spokesperson told NBC New York. “Significant amounts” of marijuana were also found.

In addition to “Rumble in the Bronx,” NYPD dissolved two other illegal parties over the weekend: one in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn. The organizers not only violated the crown measures, but they didn’t even have service permits.

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