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New exchange between Trump and Pelosi – News International: America

In the US budget dispute, even after the offer of US President Donald Trump to the Democrats, no agreement is in sight. Saturday Trump offered the opposition to extend residence permits to about one million migrants in the United States if Congress provided the money for a wall on the Mexican border. The Democrats rejected the proposal immediately. Trump then personally attacked the Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi.

Pelose's refusal of his compromise proposal led the president to strike the leader of the democratic majority in the House of Representatives. "Nancy Pelosi has behaved in such an irrational way and has gone so far to the left that she has officially become a radical Democrat," wrote Trump in the short message service. Pelosi is terrified by the left wing of the party and therefore "lost control".

His Twitter tirade ended with a clue to the "disgusting" streets of San Francisco that needed to be cleaned. The Electoral District of Pelosis is located in the Californian city.

Pelosi ignored Trump's comments and appealed to the president to end the government's deadlock. "So we can discuss how we can stay together on the issue of border protection," wrote the Democrat.

Pelosi had rejected Trump's offer even before the president announced his plans in a television address. "His proposal is a collection of several previously rejected initiatives, each of which is unacceptable," the opposition leader said on Saturday. "You're a pipecracker." The thrust of Trump's speech had previously been known by the US media.

Trump said in his speech that his offer was intended to show a way out of the "dead end" of more than four weeks of government arrests. His concessions were based on "common sense" and had to "create trust and the necessary benevolence to start a real immigration reform".

He reiterated the situation on the Mexican border as a threat to national security. The Democrats should then approve the $ 5.7 billion (five billion euros) requested by him for the construction of the wall.

The beneficiaries of Trump's offer would be about one million US immigrants threatened with expulsion, including 700,000 so-called Dreamer (Dreamer) who, as minors, arrived illegally with their parents. They were protected from deportation by the so-called Daca decree of Trump's predecessor, Barack Obama. Trump, who denounced Daca, has now offered to extend their protection from deportation within three years.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell praised Trump's offer as a "courageous solution" to end government stalemate, secure the border and take non-partisan steps in immigration policy. The vice president of the United States, Mike Pence, spoke of a reasonable compromise. Trump then paved the way for an agreement, Pence said in the "Fox News Sunday" show.

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The New York Times reported Saturday that Democrats have increased their $ 1.3 billion border security offer in the $ 1 billion bill. Of this, about half should flow in the improvement of infrastructure, for example at border crossings, with the other half 75 additional immigration judges should be recruited. The money for the construction of the wall was not offered by the Democrats.

The budget standoff has lasted for more than four weeks, making it the longest in US history. It was caused by the dispute between Trump and the Democrats about the billions demanded by the president for his wall plans. The controversy prevents the adoption of a new budget law.

From the beginning of the year, the Democrats had a majority in the House of Representatives and therefore a considerable amount of power. About 25% of federal authorities and about 800,000 federal employees are affected by the budget block known as "arrest". (Anf / AFP)

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