NEW: A group of feminists attacks the home just to be a man


His face was full of paint. The feminist group attacks the home only to be a man.

A group of feminists protesting in Mexico attacked a bicycle home. Apparently, the man was waiting for him to leave a house in the building he was working on, and the crowd of women attacked him.

"Men back," the feminists shouted in chorus, as the home looked at her cell phone, since she had nowhere else to move.

One of the women, who is hooded, approaches the subject and sprays it with a spray paint on her chest. The man makes a gesture of protest with his hands, but a few seconds later he returns to his cell phone.

The video also shows, as more protesters arrive and continue to shout "men behind". The hooded woman, not satisfied with the spray paint, decides to kick the man's bicycle, who does not understand the reason for the attack.

The actions of the hooded man, lead the other women to attack the man, where he is seen to surround him and start spraying paint on his back. The domicile takes his bicycle and decides to leave the place. "Crazy," the man shouted before leaving.

The video was at the center of criticism of many people, since the reason for the feminist attack was not understood.


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