mother and child die of coronavirus


The tragedy for the Wakefield family began last October, when Dorothy and Mark were rushed to Royal Stoke University Hospital after showing various symptoms of the coronavirusthe Metro newspaper reported.

The British press, likewise, pointed out that both were diagnosed with respiratory disease, and transferred immediately to the intensive care unit of the medical center.

Although they received the best possible health care, their health deteriorated rapidly and they died on November 7, seven hours apart.added this same medium.

“When my grandmother and my uncle went to the hospital, they thought they would never go home. Our only consolation is that they are both gone together, so they will never split up, “said Emily Murrell, a relative of Dorothy and Mark, in the newspaper.

According to the doctors of the university hospital, Dorothy died at 4:00 (local time), while Mark was pronounced dead at 11:00.noted the English newspaper.

Metro, finally, indicated that the family will hold only one funeral. He also specified that this will take place next Friday, November 27, in Stoke (UK) after the delivery of the respective ashes.


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